Wood Termites and Harvester Termites 


TERMITES (Post / Pre - Construction) 

Wood Eating Termites are found in South Africa (also be called White ants), thus can be found widely in our gardens and  from there they migrate towards our homes looking for alternate source of dead wood ie. skirting boards, cupboards and wooden floors. They even tavel up to the roof eating the roof trusses.

Thus early detection and a treatment of the dwellings foundtaions are needed as these termites rearly come out in the open . 

Each house foundation is different and hence will need a FREE On-Site evaluation to determine the cost of the treatment. Good news though is once treated you will receive 5 Year Guarantee.


Harvester Termites on Lawns are now becoming the most prelevant problem as they have moved into all areas suburbs and as the eat the grass and use it to create a food source under the ground in there colonies you may soon find your lawn disappearing in circles or patches.

These Lawn Eating Termites are not so easy to get to the main colony and require Regular Treatments of the nests to keep the colony number down.

They need to be managed by qualifed Pest Control Operators as the pesticides can affect not traget species which is bad for the enviroment. 

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