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No Charges for site inspections for Termites, Don't Delay Call Us Today!!

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SANDTON & RANDBURG 0861111628 | 0636629685

Spiders, Fleas, Ticks, Bedbugs, Mosquitoes

Treatment by residual pesticide spray of lawns, gardens, house perimeter exterior/ intetior.

For Bedbugs -No garden treatment.

We do 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart for complete breaking of the pests life cycle. 


There are a few types namely: Oriental, German, Cockroaches.

The egg sacks are often bought from the shops. The life cycle 6 weeks.

2 treatments done an initial treatment and a 6 week follow up treatment. 


Rodents multiply quickly. Damage may be done to elecrical wiring in houses alarm systems, Motor Vehicle Wiring, Food in storage areas.

Treatments by means of rodenticide wax blocks and pastes, ensure that the colonies are controlled. 

Ants / Crickets

Ants have large colonies outside but will move inside in search of food or for protection elemants. Crickets are noisey and Mole crickets destroy lawns.

We have a successful program to reduce the size of the colonies by means of residual spray of House interior/exteriorand gardens.

2 treatments 4 weeks apart.


Two types of termites in South Africa –

Sub-Terrainean termites eat dead wood and cause the most damage by far. Often tens of thousands of rands in structural damage.

Harvester Ants eat grass and damage can be doneto carpet fibres.

Registered Beekeepers 

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Snake Removal/ Catcher

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