Question 1:

Is the Rodent bait safe for my pets or owls?


The rodent bait we use is a powerful 2nd generation anticoagulant. The bait will only be placed outside in Tamper -proof rodent bait stations and inside your roof where it is safe from your pets. Please note: there is NO registered rodent poison that is totally safe. Correct baiting methods and using a registered Pest Technician will help eliminate rodents effectively with least environmental impact.

Clients are advised to walk around the treated property daily to locate and dispose of any dying rodents to prevent secondary poisonings of non-target species.

Lethal doses are as follows:

Rat (5.6g)

Mouse (0.8g)

Dog (15% of the dog's body weight)

Owls (Not likely) - Based on a study of barn owls fed poisoned rats for 14 days straight

Question 2:

How long does it take for rodents to die and will they die in the roof?


The Rodent bait is single feed and the rodent usually dies off 3-5 days after eating. This allows for them to move out of the roof and also allows the other rats to eat the poison before they aware of the bait causing a death in the colony.

Using this bait will lessen the chances of a rodent dying in the roof greatly, but cannot be guaranteed due to some rats already been sick or too young to leave the roof.

Question 3:

How do you treat for ants, do I need to leave the house and what about my Pets?


We use 2 treatments 4 weeks apart to control the ant colonies in your yard, using a wet / residual spray of colony sites inside, outside and perimeter spray inside.

There is no need to leave the house but please stay away from the technician while he is actively spraying. Keep dogs and cats and birds closed inside until Pesticide has dried.

(App. 30Min)

Question 4:

How often will I have to treat for Ants?


Ants live in colonies, hence once there is no pesticide left new colonies will move into the now colony clear areas. We suggest in high activity areas every 5-6 months in medium activity areas 9-12 months and low activity as and when needed.

Question 5:

How do you kill cockroaches?


We use Cockroach gel baits or cockroach spray baits. These baits are Non-smelling and safe to use inside your grocery cupboards. Two treatments six weeks apart are used to ensure we break the life cycle of the breeding cockroaches.

Question 6:

Do you offer a Guarantee?

Answer: YES

Rodents - 3 months from date of treatment.

Ants - 3 months from date of follow up treatment

Cockroaches - 3 Months from date of follow up treatment

Wood Eating Termites ( Sub-terranean)- 5 years on structure with foundation