Cockroach Pest Control

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Cockroach Infestations are a huge concern for most people, early treatment and detection can mean a successful pest control for cockroaches.

Critter Ridders offer a  Cockroach Gel Bait Treatment for Cockroaches inside the home or office building and food enivroments which is very effective and causes less stress on the client as NO need for cupboards to be unpacked or food items to be packed away.

A Residual Liquid Spray treatment for common areas in complexes and flat buidlings like plumbing service shoots, drains and refuse areas is the prefered treatment method for these areas.

The Two Treatment System means that juvanile cockroaches that hatch out after the first treatment are killed before they mature and hence the life cycle of the Cockroach infestation is broken.

Question 5: How do you kill cockroaches?

Answer: We use Cockroach gel baits or cockroach spray baits. These baits are Non-smelling and safe to use inside your grocery cupboards. Two treatments six weeks apart are used to ensure we break the life cycle of the breeding cockroaches.

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