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Critter Ridders offers a effective Ant Colony Control treatment solutions.

Ant problems are not going to go away, they are a year round pest that if not kept under control the colonies will keep growing causing colonies to migrate to new areas.

That is why we offer a Two Step Treatment Program for ant pest Control to better control the current colony and break the pests life cycle.

This pest managementprogram it safe for the enviroment around your garden  and applied to the Ant Nest Sites to ensure that the ant posion gets to the source of the problem, and no unessesary not traget insects are affected.

Question : How do you treat for ants, do I need to leave the house and what about my Pets?
Answer: We use 2 treatments 4 weeks apart to control the ant colonies in your yard, using a wet / residual spray of colony sites inside, outside and perimeter spray inside. There is no need to leave the house but please stay away from the technician while he is actively spraying. Keep dogs and cats and birds closed inside until Pesticide has dried.
Question 4: How often will I have to treat for Ants?
Answer: Ants live in colonies, hence once there is no pesticide left new colonies will move into the now colony clear areas. We suggest in high activity areas every 5-6 months in medium activity areas 9-12 months and low activity as and when needed.

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