About us

We pride ourselves in providing fast, effective and environmentally responsible Pest Control Solutions.

We are available to answer any of your concerns or questions,

just give our office a call.


Critter Ridders has been in business in the Pest Control Industry for 10+ Years and is a family owned enterprise.

Even our staff feel part of the Critter Ridders family.

So we can guarantee you, our clients come first in our eyes and our staffs.

Our Pest Control Business is registered with with Department of Agriculture


South African Pest Control Association.

Thus ensuring we are up to date with the latest service protocols and pesticide and Pest Industry information.

Types Of Pest We Treat:

Ant Colony Control

Sub Terranean Termite (Post / Pre - Construction)

Harvester Termites on Lawns

Rodent Colonies Prevention

Roof Rat Infestations

Mice Infestations

Cockroach Infestations

Bedbug infestations

Tick and Flea Control in Gardens

Fish moth Treatments

Cricket Control

Spider Control

Bird | Pigeon Problems

Biting Insects in office

Fly control

Weed Control