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Pest Control Tips

Our team of professionals have formulated a list of pest control tips to help you avoid the unpleasantness of these unwelcome creatures. Here are some tips to help you keep these annoying pests out of your home.

Do not accumulate trash or debris.

Cut back limbs, shrubs, and vines that touch or overhang your property.

Stack firewood off the ground.

“Weatherize” your home. Seal all possible pest entry points.

Close all gaps larger than 1.4 inch.

Check for and remove structural damage such as moisture damaged wood. Water damage can cause weak spots in the roof. Animals may enter through the weakened area.

Repair damaged windows and screens.

Look for holes where roofs overlap.

Keep gutters clean.

Shuffle stored items regularly and keep boxes tightly sealed in plastic bags.

Check Storage area for rodents.

Keep all areas where food is prepared, stored, and served clean and free of crumbs and grease.

Garbage can lids should be kept closed and secured.

Before storing end-of-season clothes, make sure they are clean.

Drawer and cabinet liners, paper grocery bags, and even wallpaper can be a source of food to pests.

Carefully check for pests in furniture, boxes, paper, and other items brought into your home.

Chimneys are frequented by bees, rodents and birds, they represent the single largest opening in a typical home. Consider chimney caps or wire mesh to cover.

Areas where pipes, cables, and wires enter walls should be sealed completely.

Install 1/4-inch wire mesh (hardware cloth) over attic, roof, and crawl space vents in order to prevent entry of birds, bats, squirrels, rodents, and other wildlife. 

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