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Welcome to Critter Ridders Pest Control

We are pest control specialists and pride ourselves in fast, effectiveand environmentally responsible pest control solutions.

Pests are a huge threat to food safety, because they carry Germs associated with food-borne illness, from E-coli to Salmonella.  Pest sightings can mean negative word of mouth which will have a major impact on your business’s reputation.

It can also in extreme circumstances mean a fine and shutdown by the health department.

Critter Ridders Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can protect your business from critters (pests) and their games.

We will use methods from sanitation recommendation to exclusion services.  These will keep residual applications to a minimum in food preparation areas.  Thorough documentation of our services will be provided for review by our health inspectors.

Critter Ridders Pest Control supply consistent & reliable service across Gauteng.

For your convenience and immediate attention call us on 073 288 3205 or 011 979 5051.